hello Jesus, goodbye church

Here is some information about Pastor Joel's new book.



I began writing this book during the COVID-19 Christmas holidays. I had just finished taking a course on the gospel of John from Tyndale University and Seminary. Dr. Ian W Scott is the Associate Professor on New Testament at Tyndale, and was the professor for this course. The course title was Gospel of John: Light In The Darkness. An appropriate title for what would shockingly unfold in the United States. 


As the world continues to watch the unraveling events in the United States, I believe that there is a growing confusion surrounding Christianity, Jesus and those who claim to be followers of God. This book is not politically charged, nor will I comment on the very divisive landscape concerning American politics. This book is not my attempt to provide answers. My prayer is that this book will bring some recalibration.


My goal in writing this book is not to be negative and critical in any way concerning traditions of Christianity in the West, nor is it my desire to encourage people to walk away from any faith community. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

My aim is to awaken a movement of disciples who will carry out the mission of Jesus to heal the world and work to establish a culture that is reflective of God’s Kingdom.     


I am thankful to Dr. Scott and his lectures on the gospel of John. His teaching and class material was the springboard for this book, and I have referenced his class material throughout. 


It is my conviction that now more than ever, followers of Jesus need to recalibrate their lives to His. This is my attempt to share some of the tweaking that has gone on in my spiritual journey. My prayer is that we all will recalibrate our way to His.